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Why Do People Pick the Ocean as Their Final Resting Place?


One of the more frequent questions we receive is – “why?”  Why should we choose a scattering at sea for our loved one?  We know more people are choosing cremation as an end-of-life option, and that increase is creating another question many haven’t really thought about – what do I do with the cremated remains?  


From scattering gardens to cremation niches, and even shooting remains into outer space, families have more memorialization options available than ever before.  What we love about scattering at sea is the ability to create custom memorial options designed specifically for your needs.  The ceremony of spreading your loved one at sea is dignified, sustainable, private, and inclusive.  Cremation is practiced worldwide and has been around for centuries.  This established memorial service is a peaceful and regulated tradition that provides valuable experiences for families.  Here are just a few of the key reasons as to why individuals choose the ocean as their final resting spot: 


Beauty and Peace 

There is no denying that the ocean’s beauty is endless.  Even if one doesn’t have a particular affinity for the sea, its vast environment has room for newcomers.  The extensive foundation of living and breathing components create a special place that everyone can connect to one way or another.  Home to over 500,000 marine species, the Pacific Ocean serves as a magnificent habitat for our society to enjoy and experience.  Our calm waters in Monterey Bay represent a harmonious place for you to return to and pay your respects. 


Dignified and Inclusive 

Some mistakenly believe that sea burial or scattering can only be carried out by military, however the ritual has both locally and globally been accepted far wider than military utilization.  Our experience with the entire process means we can easily and quickly perform a lawful burial or scattering at sea within authorized coastal boundaries.  We welcome all individuals, domestic or international, to admire those who have left us.  Our individual scattering processes begin with respect and an understanding of the families wishes. We handle each memorial with sensitivity as we want to fulfill your customized experience.  


Environmentally Friendly 

Sustainability is one of the most frequent concerns we hear from younger consumers and families alike.  Scattering at sea is one of the lowest impact, end-of-life memorialization option.  Ashes have no damaging effect to the ocean and its vast biodiversity.  For an even more sustainable approach, some families consider our full-body burial at sea, where your loved one is wrapped in a natural, biodegradable shroud.  Either way, our process is inclusive and environmentally friendly. 



The growing rate of families who have cremated remains at home is astonishing.  As generations pass, those remains can often end up with someone who did not even know the decedent.  Finding spiritual relief in an uplifting atmosphere can be helpful in your healing process.  For purposes of future visitation, the ocean coordinates that are given to you can guide you back to the spot of release anytime you are longing for a reconnection.  


Religious Acceptance  

Whatever your religion, your personal religious practices can be incorporated as little or as much as you’d like when it comes to sea scattering. Whether your beliefs are based on culture, heritage, spirituality, religion, or personal values, our staff are experts at accommodating each family’s religious preferences. The transition of our vessel leaving from the Santa Cruz harbor and riding into Monterey Bay, represents an entrance into your personal, sacred space. We accept all denominations at Sea Spirit and are happy to provide the tools you need to share any prayers, poems, or other ceremonial objects to complete your journey with us along the Northern California coast.  

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