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Full Body Green Burial at Sea

Quick Details

Info Included:

  • Permit
  • Flowers
  • Coordination with funeral home for delivery

Info Information:

  • We are fully licensed and insured and have been providing this service to satisfied clients for more than 25 years.
  • For our attended full body sea burials, 10% gratuity will be added at checkout that goes directly to the Captain and crew members.
  • Beginning in 2024, a ‘Harbor Passenger Fee’ of $2.25 per passenger will be applied after the conclusion of your trip. Kindly note that the fee will be automatically charged to the card you used for your initial reservation unless otherwise specified.
  • Altering traditional casket is an additional charge, Natural fiber Shrouds are a great option!


All Day: Full Body Burial

The 5 Ws to Whole Body or Full Body Green Burial at Sea

Now for the EPA guidelines and details.

The ocean in all its vastness is still a very fragile ecosystem. And for this reason alone, there are some rules that we must abide by.

  • All cotton shrouding secured with natural fibers is the most economical and simple way to deliver the body to the seabed floor.
  • If a coffin is requested we may use a traditional one with alterations or an eco-friendly wicker or natural fiber casket.
  • No embalmed bodies
  • No chemotherapy or “medical waste” can be left in the body. Unfortunately, that means cancer patients actively participating in or recently took part in chemotherapy.
  • We only use natural rock or sand to weight the body (150lbs or more)