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  • Up to 38 people

Attended Ash Scattering at Sea

Starting at $775. | 1 hour to 3 Hour Scattering at Sea Options Available | Up to 38 Passengers

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One hour Ash Scattering at Sea
90 Minute Ash Scattering
Two Hour Ash Scattering
Three Hour Ash Scattering

Deliver Your Loved One to Their Final Resting Place Within the Majestic Monterey Bay.

Here at Sea Spirit Memorial on  the shores of the Monterey Bay, outside our gates of the Santa Cruz harbor we are fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful and peaceful waters in the world. Our diverse ecosystem along with unique undersea topography creates the perfect environment for your special burial at sea. It’s not uncommon to witness a whale breach, a sea otter feeding, a mola mola swim by or even bow riding dolphins doing what they do best during your ceremony. These backdrops along with our coastline will provide a serene setting for family and friends to say goodbye with a few final words, a song, or a moment of reflection.

Realizing how precious this time is for you and your family every event is tailored to your specific needs. Every event is private and completely customizable to your needs and your loved one’s wishes. Ash scattering at sea and Full Body Burial at Sea is what we’ve done for decades and it’s all we do along with a vessel capacity for up to 38 passengers we can accommodate most groups.

We are fully licensed and insured and have been providing this service to satisfied clients for more than 25 years.

For our attended sea burials, 15% gratuity will be added at checkout that goes directly to crew members.

For deluxe options take a look at our Peace of Mind Packages.