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What an Unattended Scattering Service Looks Like


We often hear from families from across the country (and really, all over the world) that they would like to have their loved ones scattered along the legendary California Coast, but for one reason or another, are unable to physically attend the scattering itself.  This is what is known as an unattended scattering, and it’s more common than you might believe.  Whether our customers have a well thought out plan, or are coming to us with no idea what to do, we can accommodate their needs.  Our experience allows us to deliver a customer-centric experience, where your loved ones’ memorial at sea will be uplifting and intimate, even from afar. 

The beautiful waters of Monterey Bay serve as a peaceful resting place.  We believe that our calm ocean embodies the feeling of freedom, connecting those who are here with us and the deceased to the outdoor environment.  Whether our customers and their families have resided, visited, or are admirers from afar, Monterey Bay is a humbling destination that serves as a beautiful, serene platform for a final resting place.

We accept (and have received) cremated remains from across the globe, and an unattended scattering service can be performed within one week of receiving your loved one’s ashes.  Sea Spirit will contact you to confirm the receipt of your loved ones’ ashes and communicate further for what is requested of the ceremony.  On the day of the scattering, our boat will depart from Santa Cruz harbor into California’s Monterey Bay.  The memorial will reflect your wishes, as our flexible services are mindful of sensitive processes.  The farewell ceremony is carried out by the Captain once the vessel is put to rest.  Each final sendoff includes photo documentation as well as optional video recording, which will be provided to you the following day.  The date, time, and coordinates of the burial at sea will also be prepared for you.  We want you to have the opportunity to come back to the scattering spot at any time.  Most families who have done unattended scatterings with us revisit the final resting place to remember, reflect, and honor their loved one. 

Here is a list of some of the most frequent requests we we receive:

  • The Captain’s blessing
  • Commemorative certificate stating the love one’s name, date and time
  • Reciting of the non denominational Captain’s Prayer
  • Ceremonial ringing of 8 bells

We realize that sending your loved one to us requires a leap of faith, and we bear this responsibility with grace and attention to detail, ensuring we are communicating with our clients every step of the way.  Our 30+ years in the industry allows us to combine the right tools with the best communication to create a helpful, healing experience for you.  Cremated remains have no negative impact on marine life and are a healthy way to honor the deceased in the oceanic environment.  Scattering ashes at sea is a mindful practice that demonstrates gratitude and admiration for somebody more than a traditional cemetery would.  This memorial service is perfect for families who are longing for grief alleviation but are just too far to make the trip. Reach out to us here at Sea Spirit with any specific questions regarding our services.  We are happy to guide you through this process.  



Sea Spirit is now offering unattended scatterings every Wednesday morning. We wanted to implement this initiative to ensure that your loved one can be honored from a far as soon as you would like. Unattended memorials are always offered throughout the week, but we will be highlighting this service time to remind you that we are always here for you.

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