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What can I do with my family’s cremated remains?

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If your loved one didn’t specify what to do with their cremated remains, it’s up to you to decide what will help you and your family grieve. Consider what made your loved one happy and what will bring your family the most comfort.  Here are some options:`

  • Keep it Simple – Display the urn on a shelf or mantle.
  • Keep it Traditional – Bury the ashes in a cemetery or mausoleum.
  • Keep it Beautiful – Turn the ashes into glass art.
  • Keep it Thrilling – Spread the ashes while skydiving (with prior notification to the company).
  • Keep it Crafty – Use the ashes to create a piece of art.
  • Keep it Adventurous – Send the ashes into space.
  • Keep it Organic – Sprinkle the ashes around the garden.
  • Keep it Majestic – Scatter the ashes at sea.  Sea Spirit Memorial
  • Keep it Close – Wear them in cremation jewelry.

For example, if your grandmother was a painter and gardener who loved the beach and travel, you could spread some ashes in her favorite section of the garden, use some to make a painting in her favorite colors, scatter the rest at sea, and wear some in a necklace. The possibilities are endless, so choose what feels right for your family.


*About Sea Spirit Memorial

Sea Spirit Memorial is an exclusive full service ash scattering and full body burial at sea service. We hail out of Santa Cruz California and venture into the beautiful Monterey Bay. We have packages ranging from unattended scatterings which include photos/video and other options to attended scatterings complete with catering/drinks and flowers so you don’t need to worry about a thing except celebrating the life of your loved one. A green burial option of Full body burial at sea is also available with options to attend or not.

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