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About Us

Origin Story


  Pillars of the community for more than 30 years, the Stoops family launched Sea Spirit Memorial, Northern California’s only vessel dedicated exclusively to scattering-at-sea, as a spiritual way to bring support and healing to families near and far.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Monterey Bay, Joe and Raina have shared their enthusiasm for the ocean with others since 1997, finding ways to embrace their passion for connecting people with the vastness of the ocean, marine life, and the outdoors. It was the combination of maritime devotion and spirituality that led to the couple’s realization that there was a better way to serve those in need of healing. They found joy in helping families deliver their loved ones to a tranquil final resting place as a part of nature. While many companies offered sea scattering options, the Stoops family realized that most were simply extensions of traditional fishing businesses, and none of them offered the quality and technology to deliver a customer-centric experience.

With that, Sea Spirit was born, a yacht 100% purpose-committed to scattering-at-sea and other memorials, with the goal of creating that uplifting moment of comfort and closure individuals may not even realize they need. Whether families are in-attendance to memorialize their loved ones or attend virtually, each scattering is treated with respect and reverence to give clients the experience they desire.

Joe, Raina, and their family cherish their professional and sensitive operations in the Santa Cruz harbor and strive to provide beautiful, peaceful, and memorable ceremonies to all that they serve. The Stoops are proud of the hundreds of families Sea Spirit Memorial has helped heal.



Our Kids


Lauren Rose, the oldest daughter, works at a local coffee shop in San Luis Obispo.  After receiving her AA in Santa Cruz, she is currently pursuing hydrology and its implications on social justice.  Lauren is very fond for the diversity of native plants in California as well as the rights of the First Nations people.  Whenever she’s not brewing the best cappuccino around, she loves creating things out of natural materials discovered on local beaches and hikes. 

Chloe, sometimes referred to as Coco, is living on the Big Island of Hawaii. She graduated high school in June of 2022 and decided to take a gap year in her education.  She plans on continuing schooling next year on foreign soil.  Her entire life has been spent cherishing memories in the ocean out on the families boats.  In her free time, she loves to surf and read/write poetry. 

Crew, the youngest, has many passions.  Some include being invested in prehistoric animals, watching anything Star Wars related, and reading the Captain Underpants series.  Crew is very creative, he loves to draw along with creating costumes of his favorite movie characters.  He enjoys playing the piano and is specifically interested in classical movie theme songs.  People laugh at the coincidence of his name, but it’s very form fitting.