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International Scatterings: How a Family Brought 10 Urns on Board

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Sea Spirit Memorial is grateful to meet families from all over the world. Regardless of your home base, bringing different cultures on board to scatter with us is something that we love to do. We offer healing for everyone, whether that means reserving an unattended ash scattering service to accommodate for distance, or greeting an international family with a warm-filled, California welcome! We have created a simple process that allows for an easy arrangement when communicating with us overseas. If you are interested in scattering your loved one in Northern California, but hesitant to go through the process – you are in good hands. Our planning is straightforward, no matter how many urns you may want to bring on board. 

This past summer, we held a service to scatter ashes for a large family coming from the Pacific Rim. 10 urns were brought, spanning over three generations. This particular family brought their personal monk along, who contributed to the service through blessings and prayers. Our boat was filled with colorful flowers that were displayed around a Buddha statue. The family wanted to include the statue to help symbolize healing and bring positive energy to the space. After the 10 individual ashes were scattered across the Pacific Ocean from each urn, our Captain Joe circled around the cremains, allowing the ashes to gather all-together in the water. The group was able to arrange a family plot at the resting spot they desired. We were thrilled to offer the technology and services to those aboard our vessel. 

How does this type of ceremony work? What is the service process? There is paperwork that needs to be done prior to the ceremony that we will walk you through. Permits can take as little as a few hours to process and can be translated so that there are documents in both English and your family’s native language. The process of arranging an international scattering with us is the same as a traditional one. Families can pick a date as soon as the next day! It is up to the family how timely the scattering is. Whether that means honoring each set of ashes through individual speech and prayer, or pouring the cremains out, one after another. Just like all of our other services, your multi-urn scattering is fully customizable, based on your preferences. 

By tailoring to individual needs, we were able to experience the celebration of these beautiful lives altogether. At Sea Spirit, we are committed to assisting you in finding stability. Everything we do embodies a foundation to find peace, closure, and gratitude during these transitional times. Your healing journey is important to us. Near or far, we rejoice at the sea, allowing us to gather, grieve, and release.

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