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The Most Important Part of Your Scattering-at-Sea Experience

sea spirit deck

Sea Spirit, a 50’ vessel entirely dedicated to scattering at sea, is well maintained while docked and out on the water. We have transformed our business into an operating vessel that is exclusively for your families memorial service. It is at the top of our priority to ensure that she is running smoothly and safely at all times. The vessel is very important to my family and the families we meet, therefore, we keep up with things that need to be replaced or fixed. As you experience your time amongst the glassy, calm ocean – with wind in your hair, the warm sun beaming down on your face, and a beautiful day ahead of you – the boat serves as a place of comfortability for you. 

We clean Sea Spirit in a sustainable way: refraining from using products and techniques that are harmful to the ocean and its aquatic life. Whether it is a three-hour scattering or an unattended memorial service, we wash the boat’s interior and exterior.  She is kept smelling fresh, emphasizing scents of sea salt, citrus, and sandalwood as the natural sea breeze sweetens your peaceful experience. We don’t stow any porous material that could hold moisture or mildew. The engine room is kept stark white, allowing us to see if any oil or fluids are leaking. Everything else is placed back to its original position after every service to guarantee that your memorial ceremony takes place in an enjoyable environment. 

The vessel gets used often, but our Captain Joe is quite the machinist with an engineer brain. Not only can we see when things may not be running at their best, but we can hear and feel things too. This could be as simple as an “off beat” churn of the engine or a different vibration in another location on the boat.  Between Joe and I, we share advanced background knowledge about our waters and follow a fundamental schedule and checklist to maintain our vessel. We are well aware of what needs to be done as we have so much experience in such an integral part of the industry. 

Sea Spirit is 100% dedicated to YOU, not fishing or other at-sea inquiries. Envision the most peaceful memorial – gently scattering your loved ones ashes across the sea, and expect your wishes to come to life. Our boat is ready for you, as we are always looking after our magnificent vessel. 

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