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Feeling at Home Being Out at Sea

a whale jumping out of a body of water

While running Sea Spirit Memorial as a business, Joe and I have always felt at home out on the water. For us, the ocean is more than just a surface on our Earth, it represents a greater foundation supporting life, energy, and hope . At a young age, we fell in love with exploring endless blue waters and surfing the white-capped waves. We both grew to appreciate all of its responsibility in taking care of the world. The planet’s largest body of water offers boundless peace, with its sounds, fresh waters, and wildlife. 

At age 3, I fell in love with Hawaii.  It was such a magical and special place to travel around at such a young age. Mesmerized by the ocean’s aura and quality, I couldn’t imagine a life without working and living close to the sea. Joe moved from Minnesota to Santa Cruz at age 7.  It was easy for our Captain to be one with the ocean as his family first settled in Mitchell’s Cove, a popular surf spot off the West Cliff. Joe and his parents watched the waves crash on their cement steps in the moonlight. 

After only three months of dating, Joe and I found ourselves in Costa Rica, falling in love with the calm and protected waters of its expansive shoreline. Fascinated by being outdoors, specifically in connecting so well to the ocean, is something extremely special that we have loved sharing together. We never intended on turning our enthusiasm into a profession, but our passions and qualifications organically developed as we had various opportunities. Operating in the Monterey Bay waters for over 25 years, Joe and I continued to redesign the family business based on our various ocean passions. From fishing, to whale and shark watching tours, to ash scatterings, and full body burials at sea, our approach has transformed ways of celebrating life on the coast. 

With the Sea Spirit vessel, Joe and I have provided ourselves with the event of meeting wonderful families from all over the world. Hearing that passengers’ experience is cathartic and that their memory at sea will be cherished forever, especially after dreading saying “goodbye” to their loved one, is one of the best feelings for us. Even in the midst of grief, we see confidence in both hope and tranquility. Families might not ever have the chance to find this kind of peace if they didn’t board the Sea Spirit. 

In addition to Monterey Bay’s harmonious feel, beautiful marine life is restless beneath the surface. Our favorite spotted animals are moon jellies, bluefin tuna, humpback whales and Mola mola. Organic occurrences such as a mother sea otter feeding her babies or being in a school of jellies are frequently experienced just outside the harbor. We love getting to show families these colorful and lively creatures that contribute such excitement and enjoyment to every scattering.  There are endless reasons why Joe and I want to share our passion for the sea with others. Families or individuals who are searching for reconciliation and longing for harmony can achieve such feelings at Sea Spirit Memorial.

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