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Celebrating All Holiday and Religious Traditions at Sea Spirit

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For most, the holiday season is a festive time to spend with friends and family, however, for someone going through the grieving process, the holidays can amplify the sense of loss. Surrounding yourself with family is a way to brighten your spirit and engaging in traditions or religious practices can be pivotal to the healing process.  Families have their own unique way of honoring those we have lost.  

At Sea Spirit, we pride ourselves in creating a memorial service that is personal to any individual or family.  We value private and special traditions, without judgment.  Extending convenience to all by tailoring our services to a family’s holiday culture is something we value upon our vessel.  

Sea Spirit is entirely accepting of all denominational practices and rituals. We are not limited to any family wish as we offer peace and respect to all. Every tradition, religious or personal, is considered important as they help us to understand life and provide a sense of meaning. Our priority is to offer any reasonable accommodation in order to enrich a loved one’s memory. We are happy to arrange specific food, books, flags, songs, or other family constellations for a time of remembering and rejoicing during the seasons. The Stoops find joy in learning about others’ cultural practices as well. Offering bespoke services and accepting all practices of Sea Spirit’s guests is something that helps us learn and grow all together. We can all find peace alongside each other out at sea.  

Reach out to us before the date of your scattering and ask how we can provide support to you and your family.

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From $375.00

Sea Spirit Memorial accepts ashes from around the globe for anyone wishing to make the beautiful Monterey Bay, California coastline their final resting place.

With digital imaging/video available you’re guaranteed your needs are being preformed to your specifications.