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How Sea Spirit Accommodates Winter Conditions

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The great thing about being in coastal California is that during the winter months, conditions are often more beautiful and serene than even a tourist would think. While many people will lean toward scattering during the warmer months, fall and winter are an opportune time with great value. The storms tend to be lighter, with minimal ocean swells, and mild currents. Unlike typical foggy mornings in the summer, the winter brings clear and cool skies. In addition, there are usually fewer tourists in the area, making each experience in the Monterey Bay more intimate and private.  For those who are considering an in-person sea scattering, hotel rates tend to be off-peak, making it a great time to explore Norther California’s natural beauty.

November – Average High = 64 F, Average Low = 49 F

    • Average ocean temperature = 56.5 F
    • UV index average = 4

December – Average High = 60 F, Average Low = 45 F

    • Cloudy/overcast skies
    • Modest rain
    • The coldest month
    • Shortest days of the year (sunlight exposure)
    • 6 hours of sun on average

While the song says “It never rains in California,” even we get a bit of wet weather every now and then. Should we experience rain while on the boat, Sea Spirit is prepared with rain ponchos for everyone, with blankets readily available. Sea Spirit also has heated cabins that can accommodate 12 people. Most days, passengers have a very low probability of getting wet or experiencing significant swells, as the ocean tends to be calmer during the winter. We generally stay close enough to shore, therefore, our waters are calmer. In the most extreme conditions, our Sea Spirit team is customer centric. If the weather conditions are a concern, we have the full flexibility of rescheduling to any other day or time.

We understand that going through a grieving process is extremely difficult. The process can be especially challenging for some during the colder, gloomier weather. Our Sea Spirit family is a shoulder for you to lean on, and our location is one that will raise your mood. Our sensitive and mindful operations set the pathway for individuals to find their peace at sea.

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