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Introducing Our New Office in Sunny Santa Cruz!!!

a harbor filled with lots of small boats in a body of water

333 Lake Avenue Suite H

Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Sea Spirit Memorial is happy to announce that we are moving – into our own backyard!

Our brand new office space will now be located directly in the Santa Cruz harbor, nestled in the same area as our vessel’s landing! We simply couldn’t pass up this opportunity to deliver a better experience for our families and double down on our purpose behind crafting the most customer-centric sea scattering available to consumers. Santa Cruz harbor is a second home to us, and we are so excited about the ability to work closer to the place that inspires us every day.   

The Santa Cruz community is defined by friendly relationships and the desire for the mutual support of fellow businesses looking to make a positive impact on the world. As a company that differentiates itself based on service, we are consistently looking to extend our support and establish valued partnerships. The connections that we have obtained thus far, continue to enhance our ceremonies, customization options, and environmental impacts. This beach town shares outdoor market experiences, recreational tournaments, and seasonal events with the public. Whether you are residing in the city or trusting us with your loved ones from afar, there is plenty to appreciate, explore, and experience with our thoughtful community members. Sea Spirit brings the comfort of your home into our peaceful space.  We are always working to enhance our efforts of making you and your family’s spiritual healing process a fulfilling and revitalizing experience.  

Allow for your time at sea to be enhanced by the love and care that is all around us.  Scatterings from our vessel are the best in California, as the humbling Santa Cruz city and our passionate family is here to provide a respectful, memorable, and unique ceremony for all who board with us. Reach out to us if you are interested in visiting our new office space. Our sacred place is welcome to everybody.   

Currently, we can meet by appointment only.  We are located upstairs in the Bayside Marine building.  Stay tuned for some interior photos of our space!

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