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What You Might See on a Sea Spirit Ash Scattering

Monterey Bay is truly blessed with some of the most active marine wildlife sightings in the world.  From otters to seals to whales, the abundance of ocean activity is incredible and life-affirming.

Our waters are the largest feeding ground between the tip of Baja California up to the Alaskan panhandle, resulting in this beautiful anomaly known to be “the playground” for a vast and diverse group of marine animals.  The rich marine life is in part due to our underwater canyons, which rival the depth of the Grand Canyon.  It is the largest submarine canyon along the West Coast of the North American continent.   

These features help our sea scatterings provide hope, joy, and promise to grieving friends and families that come aboard. These magnificent wildlife interactions help create a unique environment and elevate the experience.

Below is just a sample of animals that may be encountered while out in Monterey Bay with Sea Spirit. 

  • Whales (including Humpback, Killer, Fin, Blue, and Gray)
  • Bottlenose and Risos Dolphins
  • Sea Otters
  • Seals
  • Sea Lions
  • Jellyfish
  • Pelicans
  • Mola Molas
  • Sooty Shearwaters
  • Sea Turtles

These animals help provide passengers with a sense of gratitude and joy when witnessed out on the bay. These sightings remind us that our loved ones are still with us in spirit and in our hearts.  Reserve your experience today to help heal tomorrow. 


a brown bear swimming in a body of water
a whale jumping out of a body of water an animal swimming in the water

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From $375.00

Sea Spirit Memorial accepts ashes from around the globe for anyone wishing to make the beautiful Monterey Bay, California coastline their final resting place.

With digital imaging/video available you’re guaranteed your needs are being preformed to your specifications.