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5 Things You Need to Know About Scattering at Sea

1.  Is scattering cremated remains safe for the ocean?

Absolutely!  Scattering cremains (ashes) at sea is a time-honored tradition.  At its core, cremated remains are simply calcium phosphates, which appear as a sandy substance.  When scattered at sea, these ashes will distribute throughout the ocean waters without disrupting or causing any adverse effects.  Scattering these cremated remains does not harm the sea and is a safe method of honoring a loved one.

2.  How do we get the cremated remains into the ocean?

It’s actually not nearly as simple as pouring your loved one’s ashes from an urn into the ocean – the impact of wind or splashing of ocean waves can create a less than ideal situation.  We’ve created a proprietary process where we will carefully transfer your loved one into a specialized container that has been specifically created to deliver the cremated remains right above the waterline.  Participants are welcome to actively dispense the ashes or we can happily do this for you. 

3.  How far do we have to travel offshore?

The state of California has mandates to scatter at least 500 yards (the equivalent of 5 football fields) off the coast, which is great for those who don’t have their sea legs.  This allows us to stay somewhat close to shore and minimize the chance of our guests becoming seasick.  Of course, we offer the option to go farther if families are more comfortable with it.  Regardless, Monterey Bay offers the most beautiful backdrop for paying tribute to, celebrating, and reflecting on your loved one’s life.

4.  Our dog was a significant part of our “guest of honor” life, may we bring him/her?

Absolutely!  We realize how important the bond is with your pets.  Including them in your celebration of life can greatly contribute to the joy and healing process these services provide. 

5.  Is there any paperwork I need?

We can help make this process very simple. If you are in the state of California, you received a Vs-9 form along with your loved ones cremated remains.  If you inform the crematorium of your sea scattering wishes, the permit will most likely be reflected correctly, and we simply need a copy of that certificate.

However, if the permit is outside the state of California or has your home address in box 16a, we will need to create a new one.  This is a simple process requiring an updated copy of the Vs-9 form or a death certificate.  The cost of getting a new permit is $25.00.  After your event, we will take this permit and file it with the appropriate agencies.  As always, we are happy to assist you in order to make the paperwork process quick, easy, and painless!

person pouring ashes into ocean urn

person pouring ashes into monterey bay

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Sea Spirit Memorial accepts ashes from around the globe for anyone wishing to make the beautiful Monterey Bay, California coastline their final resting place.

With digital imaging/video available you’re guaranteed your needs are being preformed to your specifications.