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There is a trade show for everything………

logo, company nameThere is a trade show for everything…..including end of life needs.  Last week, Sea Spirit Memorial attended our first trade show event in Las Vegas.  I am a veteran trade show attendee and booth operator for 15 plus years.  This however, was a whole new experience.  My experience has been with retail operations with nothing much to sell but their product.  This show was different.  I was both surprised and delighted by an entire convention dedicated to the end of life needs of others.  Empathy, kindness and compassion was the goal.  I learned about different burial options, end of life needs both financial and emotional.  The one thing that I was surprised the most by, was the fact that Sea Spirit Memorial was the ONLY ash scattering company in the convention.  People were intrigued and excited about the option.  Living on the coast, sometimes we take for granted the availability of this great big peaceful bay.  I watched people get excited about the option and I loved it! Whether it is an ash scattering at sea, being buried as a tree or a traditional burial of sorts.  I encourage everyone to take a peek at the beautiful options that are available.  There were companies that instead of sending flowers you can make offerings to the family to spend as they need and wish.  Beautiful jewelry options, if you wanted a keepsake with your loved one’s ashes, were prevalent throughout.  There were coral reef options for sustainability and last but not least some of the most supportive and loving people I’ve met.  This Sea Spirit employee looks forward to the next trade show!

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Sea Spirit Memorial accepts ashes from around the globe for anyone wishing to make the beautiful Monterey Bay, California coastline their final resting place.

With digital imaging/video available you’re guaranteed your needs are being preformed to your specifications.