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The Pre-Need Conversation

a group of colorful flowers in a treeIf you have every thought about what songs that you would like at your memorial and the celebration that it might be, pre need arrangements may be something to contemplate. Pre arrangement is much more than just a will, it is a plan that can help bring peace of mind to your family and loved ones.  A pre need funeral arrangement allows a family to grieve their loss with out adding the extra burden of having to make financial decisions in a heightened emotional state.  There are several reasons for you, as an individual, to also put thought into your own needs and assure that your final wishes are met. By planning ahead you can better control the costs of your memorial services and the burden is not left with the survivors.  Pre arrangement also allows you to take into consideration getting your own house in order.  All your specified arrangements are put into motion in a timely manner.  This also eliminates the need to wait for distant relatives to arrive prior to “at-need” arrangements being made.  Thinking about our end of life choices can be difficult but creating peace of mind for both you and your family is worth considering the process.


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