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How Far Offshore do we need to go to scatter my loved one’s ashes?

You may have heard somewhere that sea scattering must be done at least 3 miles offshore. This is true for every state with the exception of California. Here in California, we only need to be 500 yards offshore. What does this mean for those attending a service at sea in California? 

  • Unless we have the desire to do so, there is no need for us to venture offshore.
  • We stay in our protected bay and avoid much of the swell and winds that we would otherwise have to experience if we had to venture 3 nautical miles offshore. 
  • On those blustery days, we can have our service in calm beach water and venture out to the 500 yard line at time of scattering, pour our cremains/ashes and come back to that calmer beach water to conclude our service. 
  • With the coastline close, calmer waters reduce the chance of sea sickness.
  • If there is a local beach that your family frequents we can scatter in front of that.
  • If there is a major landmark that is important to you and your family, we can scatter in front of that.
  • If you had/have a coastal home, we could scatter in front of that where you’ll always have a paramount view of where we scattered.
  •  Even in the winter months we can almost always get out to scatter ashes.
  • In the event that some individuals prefer not to join the boat excursion but still desire to observe the ceremony, they have the option to participate from the cliffs or the end of the wharf. Our microphone and speaker system allows these family members to remain engaged by listening, participating, and capturing pictures.

More information can be found on our Scattering Options Page or read about our Peace Of Mind Packages here and let us take care of all the details for you.


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