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Love Stories

Love stories, love songs, poems and sonnets have echoed throughout the centuries celebrating the joy and pain that go with love and loss.  We cry tears of happiness and joy when we are given the gift of that kind of love.  Weddings, births and celebrations of loving one another are the joys in life that are purposeful, needed and everlasting.  Emperor Penguins mate for life.  They build families, they sacrifice for each other and they mourn.  A beautiful testament to those special connections that make life make sense.  Sea Spirit Memorial specializes in celebrating that lifetime kind of love.  Many times when one partner passes away the other is buried in a plot next to them.  We offer the option of scattering multiple cremains so that even in death they do not part.  Whether it is the everlasting love of a parent and child or the soulmates that have been forever bound upon that first glance, scattering at sea is a beautiful way to recognize that love.  We are blessed to be included.
a close up of a penguin

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