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Tell a story

a close up of a fenceA memorial is a chapter in the beautiful story of life.  A good book balances loss and struggle with love and triumph.  How we tell our story is up to us.  Let Sea Spirit Memorial help you tell that story.  It is our pleasure to provide you and your loved ones with a blank sheet of paper for the next page.  Each ceremony is deeply personal and caters to individual and family needs.  This is a time of honest communication, of honoring your feelings and your family’s emotional connections.  Let us help you to convey the deeply personal and lasting impact your loved one had on your life.

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From $375.00

Sea Spirit Memorial accepts ashes from around the globe for anyone wishing to make the beautiful Monterey Bay, California coastline their final resting place.

With digital imaging/video available you’re guaranteed your needs are being preformed to your specifications.