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Sentimental Treasures

They say that you can’t take it with you when you go, but the collection of sentimental objects is a normal human practice.  Heirlooms are passed down from one to the next as symbols of love.  The simple treasures of a grandfather’s gold watch with the soft leather band that he always wore, the locket that was always found around mother’s neck, the Keith Urban pillow that your sister couldn’t sleep without or the favorite pen that never left your husband’s pocket.  These trinkets are so much more than that.  They represent our lost loved ones; their love, their sense of humor, their love of music, the idiosyncrasies that made them, them.  They are sentimental in nature and powerful totems that attest to the connection we feel to life and love.  At Sea Spirit Memorial we encourage to make your service as special as your lost loved one.  Bring any meaningful items and we would be happy to include them in your special ceremony.

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